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How to Disappear Complelety
Organization: Meetlab
Creators: Ambrus Ivanyos, Bálint Tóth, Kata Kellényi, Mátyás Csiszár
Consultant: Fanni Nánay
In collaboration: in-situ (European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space)

Our whole life is coded into numbers. Bank accounts, ID numbers, birth certificates, IP addresses, tax cards and digital traces we leave behind everywhere we go. We are numbers in a system that only exists virtually. We believe that this fictional world is ours. That this is a world we know and we can manage. But in fact we are lost. We have to realize that the real world is disappearing around us and the only thing left is just numbers, digital traces in a fictional world that has nothing to do with reality. We are trapped and getting more and more trapped as we produce and consume and enjoy more and more of it.

Getting out of this world is now close to impossible. You can’t buy anything without leaving a trace. You can’t cross a border, drive on a road, enter a city without being recognized. You can’t leave the spotlight of a CCTV camera. You are being watched through the webcam of your laptop, your Goggle search defines your personality and your Facebook friends define your social status.

You are now leaving traces again, looking anxiously at your phone every 25 seconds to see if someone have liked your post on Instagram of a precious moment you never really enjoyed.
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